So, just the other day, I was in the car with my mom & dad. I was begging my mom constantly to get some icecream at rite aid, because they had my favorite flavor: chocolate malted crunch. When we were driving down, my mom asked my dad if we could go to rite aid to buy some. He said that albertson’s was closer by, & on the way. They didn’t have my flavor though. My dad replied, “Icecream is Icecream, no matter where you go.” But, icecream ISN’T just icecream, because there are many different flavors. Anyway, my point is, can you truly categorize things in just one general category ? Saying something like icecream is icecream, is too general. There are many different flavors, & different kinds that people like more or less. I’ve been having a lot of problems with being a good judge of character (Well I don’t even know if I have any right to judge someone’s character). That made me think about how I always hear that “people are people.” Are people just people no matter where you go ? I think that’s untrue also. Just as there are many different flavors for icecream, there are many different types of people. Some try harder than others, & some have bad intentions. It’s impossible to categorize people in to one big general blah. Some people will become an obstruction in the path of your goals, & some people will offer their support to help you along the way. Just like chocolate malted crunch icecream my favorite icecream, people that are trustworthy and supportive are my favorite types of people. I think that if people are trustworthy, then that’s all there needs to be, because everything else will just fall into place.


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