Sooo giving word on short. I was driving with my cousin & he said something, giving me advice about driving. Cos I just got my permit like two months ago.

“Assume that everyone around you is stupid, and will fuck up. This way, you won’t get hurt.”

For sure taking that to heart. Yeah drivers.. they can be stupid huh, don’t wanna get in an accident. Well.. that’s it. Outs.



On the real.. this is gonna be hard to express this without cussing, since I gave it up for lent.

Get comfortable. I had a lot on my mind.

So I’m really tired of this search for originality. For all you who think you’re the most authentic, most legit, most original, & FIRST for whatever it is you do.. I’m sorry but 9 times outta 10 you’re wrong. The things you say, the way you act, or the way you dress is always gonna be there becos a small part of it was based off someone/something else. Ppl you look up to are always gonna have some sorta influence on you.. so if you think you’re 100% original.. TOUGH. There’s always gonna be someone out there that has something in common with you. You can’t express individuality simply by thinkin you dress different. & it’s not a bad thing, trust. If anything, the only way to distinguish yourself from others is through personality. I know forsure that a small part of the things I say or do are based on things OTHERS taught me. If someone seems real & down to me, & they tell it straight, then shit.. preach to me your views on life. Inspire me to become better than I am now. There’s no limit to goodness; no limit to being lifted. I invite you to influence me. Can’t nobody escape change, so if Imma change, then it’s gonna be for the better.

So I’ll just put this up front.. shoes. I really wanted some.. & then this came to mind after I talked about it with my homie Paul.
Uh, yeahh.. everyone pretty much knows how dunks/sb’s/blahblahbalhba became really hyped up. Everybody and ya momma’s sister know. I’m also tired of this search for shit nobody has.. cos someone always has them. To tell you the truth, I don’t care anymore. If I see a pair I like.. idgaf about how many people have em, Imma get them cos I like them. I’m not gonna refuse to get them just cos I know they hyped up & everyone has them. I’m not gonna let HYPE indirectly influence my decision on buying them. If I want sendies.. Imma get them. If I don’t buy shoes becos of hype, then that’s even worse than those who buy them FOR the hype. Now don’t get it twisted.. I’m not defending hype nor do I like it, I just don’t let it affect me & my own choices on what I want.

& Hello ?? You’re bringing it closer to hype just by buying it, Regardless if no one else has it or not.. congratulations.. YOU HAVE IT NOW ! & you’ll just be spending all your time tryna give word to everybody that you were first, when they prolly dgaf anyway.

Followers will be followers, I really could care less if you are one. Followers are still tryna find themselves. It’s better than the sorry asses that sit around not doing shit with their sorry lives. (Oooookay idk why I started cussing a lot, I was doing pretty good.) Nah but foreals.. the thought just crossed me & each time this happens I get higher & higher to where I wanna be. I try to stay lifted, but saying I’m on a higher level than everyone else makes me just as ignorant as they are.


So, just the other day, I was in the car with my mom & dad. I was begging my mom constantly to get some icecream at rite aid, because they had my favorite flavor: chocolate malted crunch. When we were driving down, my mom asked my dad if we could go to rite aid to buy some. He said that albertson’s was closer by, & on the way. They didn’t have my flavor though. My dad replied, “Icecream is Icecream, no matter where you go.” But, icecream ISN’T just icecream, because there are many different flavors. Anyway, my point is, can you truly categorize things in just one general category ? Saying something like icecream is icecream, is too general. There are many different flavors, & different kinds that people like more or less. I’ve been having a lot of problems with being a good judge of character (Well I don’t even know if I have any right to judge someone’s character). That made me think about how I always hear that “people are people.” Are people just people no matter where you go ? I think that’s untrue also. Just as there are many different flavors for icecream, there are many different types of people. Some try harder than others, & some have bad intentions. It’s impossible to categorize people in to one big general blah. Some people will become an obstruction in the path of your goals, & some people will offer their support to help you along the way. Just like chocolate malted crunch icecream my favorite icecream, people that are trustworthy and supportive are my favorite types of people. I think that if people are trustworthy, then that’s all there needs to be, because everything else will just fall into place.